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Home Media is a small, friendly company who have been involved in the supply and services relating to inkjet printing for almost 15 years.

We cut out teeth in the computer fairs which gave us a great start in gaining knowledge and communicating directly with customers.  Although our market is now mainly online we have continued with the direct contact with customers approach and openly encourage our customers to contact us to ask questions pre or post sale. To this end we have put in local rate numbers for both landlines and mobiles to keep the costs down for our customers. Most of our customers now contact us on the local rate number 0845 3096375 or mobile 0345 3096375.

Whilst we continue to supply great quality compatible inkjet cartridges and toners, photo paper, refillable cartridges and ink, over the past three years we have expanded into specialised printing areas including craft, dye sublimation and edible. The dye sublimation and edible markets have grown considerably and we have many very happy customers and look forward to many more. lol. The craft area is still quite new to us and we welcome feedback from customers to ensure that we are covering this area effectively. We attend the “Paper Craft Fair” at the Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham every 3 months to gain customer feedback in this area.

Whilst we accept that our products may not be the cheapest on the market, our goal is to supply value for money products with a consistent quality of supply. To this end we have selected our suppliers carefully and do not shop around for the cheapest, but do insist on great quality and consistency of product supply.  Many of our products are recognised brands and we have direct contact with our suppliers. Due to the relationships formed with suppliers we are able to supply unique products that are imported solely for Home Media, i.e our panoramic photo paper rolls and inkjet printable canvas.

Most of our customers know us well as Home Media, however we have formed specific websites for our specialised products, subject driven websites. We have named the websites according to subject to help with internet search engines and also to avoid creating a huge website that it is almost impossible for customers to navigate their way through. We want your shopping experience to be simple, hassle free and enjoyable. If not then call us and we will assist you personally.

This website has been built to enable our customers to navigate easily between our websites.

Thank you for your continued support and Happy Shopping!

Sandra & Mike