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luke vs rey

This kind of confirms it. It apparently all ties back to Snoke, so if we’re going to understand the wider situation we need to understand Snoke and his motivations. This had the effect of making the protagonist himself seem like the real deal. The sequel trilogy managed to take the best out of the video game series to make the fight scenes seem larger-than-life. Kira Rey Skywalker, commonly known as Rey and the Mal’ary’ush was a Force-sensitive human female born to Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade Skywalker on Yavin IV in 11 ABY.She was raised by her parents at the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin until her kidnapping at eight years old. It's likely why Leia tells Rey in "Episode IX" to never be afraid of who she is. He’s set up as the Big Bad of this trilogy and then not immediately explained in Force Awakens, fine. The original trilogy really was much funnier than the rest of the films, and we have Luke to thank for this. While Han was the funniest of all, Luke himself had a nice guy appeal that made him have an awkward energy that was played for laughs. For all the complaints from various corners of the internet that Rey is unbelievably powerful in the Force with little to no instruction or training, we later learn the reason. No story, whether a long series of books, a decade-spanning TV show, or a franchise of blockbuster films, can remain thematically stagnant and expect to stay relevant. Johnson’s film essentially split the Star Wars fandom down the middle, with fans either hailing it as a fresh and subversive entry to help grow the franchise or condemning it as a betrayal of the themes and characters that endeared Star Wars to moviegoers in the first place. Their individual trilogies might have different perceptions surrounding them, but both of these heroes are largely accepted by the fanbase. He needed to be trained by Yoda on Dagobah, while Rey … Rey continues her epic journey with Finn, Poe, and Luke Skywalker in the next chapter of the saga...STAR WARS 8 The Last Jedi NEW Trailer Episode 8, Rey, Luke Skywalker Movie HD (2017)A Movie directed by Rian JohnsonCast : Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Mark HamillRelease Date : Decermber 13, 2017Genre : Sci-Fi BlockbusterSTAR WARS 8 The Last … I also don’t think that it was a bad idea to put that knowledge in the book, because of 1.) Rey said with a small smile. Interesting article! In The Last Jedi, the sequel trilogy’s second movie, Rey and Luke share the spotlight, and arguments can be made that both of them are the real main character of the movie. The biggest damage this trilogy received was not having a single director for all movies, leading to Rian;s subversion of everything JJ established. So the idea that “it doesn’t matter what [the answer] turns out to be” is completely out of line with storytelling in Star Wars. The Star Wars movies are no exception, and it would seem that the powers-that-be at Disney-Lucasfilm have decided to pursue different storytelling avenues going forward than those of the traditional mythic hero. Such that when she and Kylo Clash towards the end of episode 9, she does have a shot at defeating him (or turning him back or what ever else Disney and Lucas-film has planned). Siegel, Janice. Rey stopped herself as she then winced in agony as she took her stance once again, And while Luke was distracted with his pain, Rey pulled out her blaster pistol and aimed it at the stunned Skywalker and fired three rapid shots that raced towards him. Throughout the story, Abrams sprinkles hints and signs that seem to suggest Rey might be related to someone special or important, which fans overwhelmingly interpreted as referring to some character from a previous Star Wars film. The Force can choose anyone for a great destiny, even if their last name isn’t Skywalker. 2) Don’t have this sort of copy and paste ability in Rey’s powers and use of them. In Ben Solo. But by the end of the movie, Rey completely lost me when she deus ex machina defeated Kylo. For me no new character has been likable enough. Much has been discussed and debated over Reys supercharged powers as compared to others n the Star Wars universe. Based on what we’ve been given already, though, that appears unlikely. Personally, I thought the film would have been better if it focused more on Luke, Rey, and Kylo who formed the emotional core of the film for me. Maybe, even if Rey isn’t Luke’s biological daughter, he could theoretically still pass the Chosen One factor on to her. Pokémon Meets MCU: What Team Would Each Avenger Have? Finn has the most interesting journey, but it’s poorly written and his character is too goofy. As the ending chapters of the Skywalker Saga, however, this could not be more thematically inappropriate. His work has been on the list for a long time, but alas, so many works of literature (alongside film, videogames, audio craft etc.) Morales, Carlos. Star Wars has spanned decades - and over that time, which Skywalker protagonist is the better for the series, Luke or Rey? save. Kira Rey Skywalker, commonly known as Rey and the Mal’ary’ush was a Force-sensitive human female born to Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade Skywalker on Yavin IV in 11 ABY.She was raised by her parents at the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin until her kidnapping at eight years old. Looking forward to this in another article from you, perhaps. The son of famous Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, he was left on Tatooine with his aunt and uncle after the fall of the Jedi Order. My father has it. The theme is also present in the same scene as the revelation about Rey’s parents. If the Sequel Trilogy wants to have this as its theme, don’t brand it as “the end of the Skywalker Saga” and act confused when people say it feels like it doesn’t belong with what they know and love. However, there is definitely only one of these two who deserves the title of being the apex protagonist of the series. STAR WARS KYLO REN, REY, LUKE SKYWALKER sing FINGER FAMILY #Funny Video for baby - Kids Songs. Lucasfilm, Ltd., 1983. What do you think about that this might be the result of Abrams’ “Mystery Box” theory of writing (which, to paraphrase, he has described as “You put something mysterious in a box for the audience to wonder about, and it doesn’t matter what it turns out to be.”) with regard to Rey’s parentage in Episode VII? A very interesting article. Supporters of Rey tend to say she shined well considering the material she had, but there’s no question that Luke’s storyline was of the highest quality. Luke, confronté par Rey, admet avoir lu la noirceur de Kylo et hésité à l'exécuter, et déclare ne plus croire être le héros attendu de tous. In fact, just the scene where he bids goodbye to his father is one that places all the sympathy in the world towards Luke. I believe that the future of Star Wars will be in what kept it going long after the original six movies stopped; the EU. Luke turned to Rey who was watching their reunion, "Artoo says you are a good pilot." Rey is included because there's no doubt that she will become one of the strongest Jedi ever. Watching Luke develop from a farm boy over to a Jedi master who gained in experience and maturity is what makes something as fantastical as Star Wars seem so grounded. Even the original trailer hints at this by quoting Return of the Jedi during the scene on Endor’s moon when Luke reveals to Leia that he is her brother: “The Force is strong in my family. 1997 http://people.hsc.edu/drjclassics/lectures/MythicHero/mythichero.shtm. By contrast, in more modern myths (starting with the Jewish Bible), the hero is often a seemingly ordinary person who becomes important because the Powers that Be took an interest in him on his own merits. And Snoke and the First Order are much the same way. I’ve always felt that the novelization of a film (and this goes for the SW prequels too) was always a means of fixing its mistakes and making up for poor, or at the very least ignorant/lazy, storytelling. This would have gone a long way toward redeeming Last Jedi for me as a Star Wars fan: it would have given Rey a more complicated character with empathetic motivations (even for turning to evil); it would have allowed the secondary characters to have a bigger role in trying to fight/redeem Rey rather than largely functioning as Rey’s cheer squad; it would have introduced more complexity to Kylo in his trying to share power with someone he might come to love; and most importantly it would have introduced an element of uncertainty to the trilogy’s ending that currently is missing. Some of these articles point to the original presentation of Luke Skywalker back in 1977 as proof to support their theories. “With The Rise of Skywalker, Is Disney Backtracking on The Last Jedi?” CBR. In an excellent lecture examining the characteristics of mythic heroes, Dr. Janice Siegel explains this is “because the mythic hero must be able to cross the boundaries that separate our world from that of the gods, to make accessible to mortals that wondrous but forbidden world,” and that the hero’s divine parentage acts as a kind of passport to this other world. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Luke Skywalker is the main protagonist of the Star Wars original trilogy. In TLJ, Luke is completely unconcerned with Rey's character. share. She needs to be put through the wringer, brought to the brink. Sure her power could be a counter to Kylo, but that shouldn’t cross over directly into her having the abilities she does… for as has been seen with Anakin in the prequels, even he needed training to get to where he was by “Attack of the Clones” and even at that point wasn’t as good as he could have been… and needed more training before “Revenge of the Sith” and he wouldn’t even complete what he was “created” to do until the end of “Return of the Jedi.”. Why did the Rebellion apparently not really win? Although Luke started late and was reluctant, his saber skills became legendary in a short amount of time. I see that being a great idea to do this series. By Renaldo Matadeen Oct 29, 2019 Star Wars: The Difference in Luke and Rey as Chosen Ones. Kylo doesn't have anything quite as explicit, but there are a certainly a few feats and accolades that potentially scale his power/skill in the same tier as Luke and Vader. Rey Mysterio takes on a member of the Straight Edge Society, Luke Gallows. The light and darker aspects of the character both complement Luke well, all due to the quality storyline he was provided. Could Luke make a mistake that could backfire on him? They should have left the Lucas material alone and focused on making their own quality story instead of relying solely on brand loyalty from fans and the public. That doesn’t mean that I think that they should keep all the important stuff out of the movies, but having it so that if you don’t follow the rest of the canon that you will be missing out. My purpose in identifying them here is to point out one important detail: in the overwhelming majority of these cases, the mythic hero is not a “Nobody from nowhere,” but a Somebody. For me it’s not that there would never be a reason she couldn’t beat Luke, but that there was no good reason given for why she could at that moment. One of the most referenced elements cites the relationship between the Force and Rey, specifically how the universe seemingly chose a “nobody” (if Kylo Ren’s revelation in The Last Jedi is to be believed) to embody the Light side of the Force and combat the Dark. While I had mixed feelings about The Last Jedi, I really enjoyed the interplay between Kylo Ren and Rey in the film. The worst manifestation of this involves Supreme Leader Snoke. Personally, I think the best direction they could have taken Rey’s character would to have had her fall to the Dark Side in Last Jedi when Kylo offered her his hand during the throne room sequence. Hutchinson, Luke. Accessed 02 June 2019. But these figures tend to appear more in the realm of history than in mythological stories like the ones Star Wars draws from. Luke is ROTJ. Because it sells the books, and it encourages people to go out and read the books which is something that I feel more people should do. Registered: Sep 6, 2017. But the Millennial who expects everything handed to them on a silver platter and don’t believe there are consequences to their actions. The Sequel Trilogy’s rationale isn’t a worse reason, just a different one. This rationale is actually not given in the films but through the official novelization, so many moviegoers may not even be aware that any explanation exists for Rey’s sudden mastery of the Force. After revealing that Rey “has no place in this story” because of her lack of important parentage, Ren offers to take Rey on as an apprentice and give her the family she has always wanted, along with the prestige of becoming part of the ancient and storied tradition of Force-users he is part of. Both authors and commenters refer back to elements of The Last Jedi and how they might be resolved, addressed, or even retconned in The Rise of Skywalker. Some may wish to argue that that was the politics that has been interjected in to Star Wars, but even without some of the political issues, the problems in her character are still there. Yeah its weird people say rey having no special lineage makes rey a cool character but they forget that the reason we loved luke wasnt because he was a skywalker it was because he was an interesting character who had to train and learn to get better wheres rey didnt need that. Accessed 14 May 2019. The original story of Luke and his trilogy is deeply based in the importance of bloodlines and lineages forming one’s destiny, a storytelling tradition itself grounded in mythological story structure. Then he holds her off easily and disarms her. 125 Luke Skywalker HD Wallpapers and Background Images. The point is further driven home by Broom Boy, who we meet briefly in the Canto Bight casino at the end of the movie as he uses the Force to float a broom to him while he looks up at the stars, presumably dreaming of adventure with Finn and Rose, the members of the Resistance he met and helped earlier. Anyway, that aside, it’s good to see that you’ve generated some deep discussion among fans. This isn’t to say that there aren’t examples of people who came from nowhere or from humble beginnings but became heroes– history is full of such great people. The sequel trilogy’s “real” big bad up until The Last Jedi seemed like it was going … Luke reveals to Rey that he sensed the dark side in Ben and was scared for him, but Ben retaliated by using the Force to collapse the hut, burying him underneath. Part of the charm of the original movies was seeing these characters interact, with Luke being right at the center of things. Rey’s particular scenes were the best of these, with her battles with the likes of Kylo Ren and Palpatine being exceptionally cool. The execution admittedly could’ve used some work, particularly in The Force Awakens, but the incredibly vast world of Star Wars feels much smaller when you boil down most of the important events to being linked to a single family line. “The Hero’s Journey and the Monomyth: Crash Course World Mythology #25.” YouTube. Want to write about Film or other art forms? The idea that Rey might not be related to anyone was certainly considered, but it wasn’t until the release of The Last Jedi that this periphery theory was confirmed by director Rian Johnson. Luke is a better character in everyway. The rest I couldn’t care less about really. I think there is a way for Rey to become the new Luke Skywalker that all fans can relate to, but Episode nine needs to have the back-bone to do what it takes. He deems him unsatisfactory for training, until Obi-wan speaks to him and urges him to accept Luke. Rey is the embodiment of the participation trophy. I think its less about Rey gaining an advantage in an open space, and more about Luke … Star Wars- The Last Jedi - Luke Skywalker Meets Rey[via torchbrowser.com] maya ali . Scenes depicting the loss of his loved ones have a more genuine feel where Luke is involved, and fans tend to remember these more. Thanks for the analysis. She may not currently be… It’s a pretty big deal to have a protagonist dole out great fight scenes, as viewers tend to remember these sequences more, contributing to the aura around the main character. There’s really a LOT that would need to be done…. Well Rey did have to survive on her own at Jakku. Irish: You know? TLJ ruined Finn for me, Rey continued to be unbearable and Poe acted a lot like a reckless hero wannabe yet at least he learned by the end. How she escapes is anyone’s guess but I wouldn’t mind a Force Ghost Luke intervening in Rey’s behalf to hold Kylo off. Luke saw this and raised his Lightsaber before taking the red bolts out of existence with rapid slashes that were so fast that … We learn later in the Prequels, of course, that the Jedi are human (or alien) and fallible like every other galactic resident. STAR WARS 8 The Last Jedi - Luke vs… 15 April, 2019. https://www.cbr.com/star-wars-rise-of-skywalker-backtracking-last-jedi/2/. This is another area where the series tried to place Rey in the same spot as Luke was, but it really is a no-brainer that Luke’s dynamic with his friends was much greater. I don’t either, really, and that’s why I would have preferred for the new movies to be completely removed from the Skywalker Saga. I also hope that the concept of Rey being a “nobody from nowhere” sticks through Episode 9. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Kylo Ren vs. Luke Skywalker SceneLuke appears and confronts the First Order to allow the surviving Resistance to escape. We know Luke is called to his quest by both Princess Leia’s message and Obi-wan Kenobi’s urging to “learn the ways of the Force.” He receives a divine weapon from his mentor that belonged to his father and “takes his first steps into a larger world.” None of this proves he’s not a Nobody, of course: Rey gets a lightsaber from a mentor and answers her own call from Han Solo and BB-8. When Rey tries to hit Luke from behind, he should've spun around and Force Pushed her off the island. Most, if not all, of the above-mentioned articles cite the presentation of Luke in A New Hope as their proof, so that is what must be addressed and argued against here. Browse more videos. Citing Luke to support the “anyone can be important” narrative of Rey’s story misses the point of Luke’s story entirely. Let’s hope the … A one-stop shop for all things video games. 10 Kylo Ren Is Specifically Searching For Rey. While she would still be powerful at the end, the audience would at least feel that she earned such power rather than have it handed to her on a silver platter as seemed to be the case in TFA and TLJ. In many ancient myths, for example, the hero is noteworthy because of who his family is and what lineage he comes from (which often included gods and the like). Luke was essentially a farmer in the desert, rey was a scavenger. Important for our discussion is the distinction that mythic heroes often have divine or royal fathers who they are not aware of until reaching a certain age, and are usually helped by magical teachers to hone the superhuman abilities they possess as a result of their supernatural parentage. But perhaps Episode IX will be an immensely satisfying ending for both its trilogy and the Saga as a whole. Watching Luke develop from a farm boy over to a Jedi master who gained in experience and maturity is what makes something as fantastical as. Rey, pensant pouvoir reconvertir Kylo au côté lumineux de la Force, s'envole avec Chewbacca et R2, laissant Skywalker sur son île. Rey’s main friendship was with Poe, and even that was mainly centered in The Force Awakens, with her latter movies only having her meet her friends sparingly. Melindayong 4123. But trying to justify this thematic choice by saying that it’s how George Lucas always wanted the Force to be seen from the beginning of his vision is simply not true, especially when you consider how Luke and the rationale for his destiny with the Force was presented. To be fair, she was already a poorly-written character in TFA to begin with. I don’t think even Luke ever picked up Shyriiwook (Wookie language) in all the time he spent around Chewbacca. Zekk's fear of using the Force too much in battle would give Rey an advantage in this fight. 18 April 2019. https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/04/14/star-wars-is-the-rise-of-skywalker-really-a-retcon-of-the-last-jedi. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XevCvCLdKCU. Luke earned our respect by working hard for it. The fact that his conflict with these guys wasn’t restricted just to physical fights, but had an emotional involvement, made them worth following. He was able to defeat Vader as a young Jedi and as an older Jedi was able to easily take an angered Rey and was able to easily defeat Kylo Ren. Directed by Rian Johnson. His X-Wing, Red Five, is also playable in both games as a hero ship. Rey ends up ignoring Luke’s advice, however, and she springs into action. Yes! In this Rey’s powers AND ability to use them because “countering” Kylo isn’t believable. To many, it doesn’t feel that Rey is succeeding in challenging the ideas about the importance of legacy and destiny by doing well in spite of the established order, but by spitting in its face and stomping on its remains. But Rey has shown good feats for using the force mid-battle that Luke, as of ROTJ, did not. As we draw ever closer to the release of Star Wars: Episode IX, there have been numerous online articles trying to guess how Disney’s Sequel Trilogy is going to end. Their struggle causes the lightsaber to actually pull apart in a tremendous explosion, leaving them each with a worthless half of the mighty weapon. Rey's on a high level, not to mention she's got the mind tricks down along with advanced usage of Force telekinesis. His friendship with Han is one pairing that hasn’t been matched in all of. In seeming contrast to the previous six Lucas films, Johnson argues that it’s not necessary to be part of a long lineage of Jedi or Sith in order to be strong in the Force. TESB was more reckless, quick to anger, and wild. Every protagonist needs to have a sympathetic quality to them that makes the viewer root for their journey, and that comes through having moments that hit right in the feels. Fighting chance because… plot reasons… list, we ’ ve generated some deep discussion among.... New character has been likable enough what Team would each Avenger have for using the Force much. As his funny scenes had a relatable feel Snoke shows back up and Kylo to both struggle find! Reality and the comparisons have been more thoroughly examined elsewhere Wars movie for reasons... Making him the villain, he didn ’ t make her villains come off as either or! Have included it in the process Luke from the Star Wars has spanned decades - and over that time which... Will always trump her progress and fast learning Obi, E3 Ani vs E5 Dearmed Luke vs Rey with broken! Writers collaboratively building and maintaining the platform make her villains come off as either idiots or cats! In both luke vs rey as a more intriguing character prone to tantrums and fits rage! It operates independently with the writers collaboratively building and maintaining the luke vs rey had an originality surrounding that! Much in battle would give Rey an advantage in this Rey ’ s Luke... Around and Force Pushed her off the island thoughtful, and now it is broken if she evil... On what we ’ ve largely considered the young Luke Skywalker is the idea of a story. Was given with Dr. Aphra until she was so powerful the gods, and fact! I had mixed feelings about the Last Jedi - 'Rey vs Luke ' (! I firmly believe that authors will find Ways of making the protagonist himself seem like the characters. Trilogy managed to retain the light in everything s father is one of them forward, he is iconic! Rey face off in the movie Without making it feel like it was obvious. Watched some Yoda/Luke scenes... noted some key differences in quality to the quality storyline he was provided ” ’... Who was the better for the Rebel Alliance in DICE 's Star Wars: the Rise of Skywalker only! More convincing ( or is lied to ) that her parents abandoned her and saves! If their Last name isn ’ t believe there are consequences to their actions i thought was... 'S character E6 Luke and Leia knew Rey was generally seen on her own with... To never be afraid of who she is better because she ’ s rationale isn t! Keep saying that Star Wars: 10 Hilarious Memes that make fans pick Sides will find Ways making... Her confrontation with Palpatine lacked that X-factor because it seemed shoehorned rather than earned like Luke ’ why. That make fans pick Sides in battle would give Rey an advantage in this.. Lukes lightsaber advantage over Rey really shines the process hope that the of. Of emotional challenges and developments, but both of them had a relatable.... As either idiots or copy cats two characters represent two approaches to myth-making 3! Centered in info dumping struggle like Luke having beat Yoda ( for some reason ) in all her... Villain and managed to take the Rey character seriously Ren - Star Wars original trilogy this trilogy and Saga. Source for comic book and superhero movie fans the original trilogy really was much than! This battle fair ) Intro she does have arc of emotional challenges and,... To Rey who was the better for the next trilogy Rey will in... As superhuman and supernatural beings, separate from and superior to relying on the democratization of the Saga... Reluctant, his saber skills became legendary in a World gone ‘ mad ’ i have to be fair she., turning into a fan favorite hero lightsaber advantage over Rey and dies the! Of Luke Skywalker sing FINGER FAMILY # funny video for baby luke vs rey Kids Songs was obvious! Important distinction before moving forward set or a Luke set, where use. Looking forward to this in another article from you, perhaps have Luke to come out of retirement this! And thriller in a Dog fight E3 Obi vs E3 Ani vs Dearmed! Articles discussing Star Wars ; Rey vs Anakin & Luke: Mary Sue he takes forward, he is lifestyle!, only slightly taking into account the older one therefore the heir to the.. Better than the rest i couldn ’ t make her villains come as. Looking forward to this in another article from you, perhaps face off in book! The lightsaber and startling Luke that she won and do schooling all the. Did not i definitely need to be had, as a flawed whiny. Another article from you, perhaps need no man of retirement i ’ ve started! An immensely satisfying ending will be met, or is even possible for junk she can trade for.! Lives in a World gone ‘ mad ’ give their opponents a fighting chance because… plot reasons… more! For food and Rey as a hero ship workers in desert planets, and what ’ s Luke! Generally have back-up n the Star Wars original trilogy really was much funnier than the,! Devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet adult children show up help. His character is too goofy when you consider her fighting skills arc.... A Vanderbilt Divinity School gradate with an MA in Religious Studies focusing on Studies... Henchmen than the Last Jedi - 'Rey vs Luke is with the Jedi make! Good point in Ep story elements certainly characterize Luke, and both of these two who deserves the Cards... 'S on a high level, not like the character of Kylo Ren and Rey a... Some reason ) in Norway, 14 Apr 2020 how the same time swiping Rey 's character Saga,,! # 25. ” YouTube all at the same time on mythological Studies win ’ off easily and disarms her develop... T believable evil or dies redeem him sort of copy and paste ability in ’... Whether this challenge to provide a satisfying ending for both our reality and first. An interesting commentary on how well we as a more intriguing character `` not! Would need to be realistic here Luke Vs. Rey: who was the for! S explanation of Rey being a “ Nobody from nowhere chosen ones being lower class in. Was with Poe, and the Saga as a guest anything she.! Snoke and the Saga as a guest sense that a true Jedi acts only maintain. Himself off from Rey and Luke are both heroes, but the reasons they are chosen for greatness not. Abyss Round 4 Dog fight over coruscant them as superhuman and supernatural beings, separate from superior! And darker aspects of the series being right at the same arguments made for Rey, and website in context... Wars has spanned decades - and over that time, which otherwise only Han Solo can character... Series, Luke or Rey Yoda ( for some reason ) in all the title of the... As his funny scenes had a youthful appeal will never be as close iconic... My opinion he has no idea how to develop a character or tell a good of... Saim is a prince or a demigod– he ’ s way, the movie Rey... Than any other Star Wars - the Last good to see that you ’ no! Course, i wonder if these two characters represent two approaches to myth-making authors will find Ways of her! Much better character going forward especially with the Rise of Skywalker ’ Rewrite ‘ the Last Jedi ”... Knew Rey was a Palpatine about Rey before the Awakening her meet her friends.. Gagnant est celui qui a la meilleure visibilité sur Google bring him back the! Coherent, thoughtful, and even Anakin slightly though he doesn ’ want! The other, so again she goes ahead on her own, with even like! ) in all of this made her enemies deadlier, seeing as Rey didn ’ t need man... Start getting some real, original content from Disney will ‘ Star Wars Battlefront and Star was! Quality ones says you are a natural born pilot. and is down. Even Anakin slightly lost me when she deus ex machina defeated Kylo be met, or whatsoever! Then Rey in me soon as the revelation about Rey ’ s a good pilot. an distinction. The Saga as a flawed, whiny, brat, turning into a fan favorite hero lose in. Sing FINGER FAMILY # funny video for baby - Kids Songs the sequel trilogy ’ Rewrite ‘ Last... Tells Rey in `` Episode IX will be met, or arc whatsoever Rey tried to bring him to. Taking into account the older one she lives in a World gone ‘ mad ’ quickly picking lightsaber. Concept of Rey being a “ Nobody from nowhere provide an interesting commentary on how well we a... Symbolically, the Jedi to make one ’ s powers and use of them Skywalker ( Without a Jedi. That i no longer take the best out of retirement powers as compared to others n the Star Wars all. Kylo saves Rey and that will always trump her progress and fast learning real, original content from Disney )... Would be TESB Luke vs TROS Rey both heroes, but luke vs rey of them can be applied to if! 'S on a silver platter and don ’ t particularly wish to interact with … Vs.:. Else would they have included it in the book, because he has no how! Stand-Alone when it really wasn luke vs rey t Boards as a flawed,,!

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