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venus laser hair removal

Venus Versa™ is a medical aesthetic device that can target a wide range of aesthetic concerns using a combination of different clinical technologies. Yes, Venus Velocity™ treatments are fast, even on larger areas like the back or two full legs. 5. LASER HAIR REMOVAL Permanently reduce unwanted hair anywhere in the face and/or body with Laser Hair Removal. Endorsed by dermatologists and aestheticians all around the world, it is effective and safe for all types of hair … Today I am sharing my experience with Gillete Venus Silk-Expert IPL 3001 Laser Hair Removal Tool that can be used at home. You are entering our website. FDA cleared for permanent hair reduction. Advanced Venus Velocity™ treatment technology safely targets and destroys hair follicles to significantly reduce hair growth over time. Please visit our medical and aesthetic professional website to learn more. The (MP)2 applicator is cleared by the FDA for temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite. Get the outstanding hair removal results you’re after on large areas like the back with Venus Velocity™ diode laser treatments, featuring a real-time cooling system for even more comfort. For more info call … Venus Versa™ is cleared by the FDA as a multi-application device intended to be used in aesthetic and cosmetic procedures. Most patients receive 4-6 treatments per area. To learn more about Venus Concept’s IPL and laser hair removal options, contact us today. To book a consultation or a demo, please contact us by clicking the button below and a representative will reach out to you directly. Choose from four different IPL hair removal applicators with varying spot sizes. The DiamondPolar™ applicator is cleared by the FDA for the treatment of moderate to severe wrinkles and rhytides in Fitzpatrick skin types I-IV. Some people may see longer-lasting hair removal, while others who see sporadic hair growth in the area may need a touch-up treatment to maintain the results. Venus Velocity™ laser hair removal takes the stress out of hair removal with comfortable, ultra-fast treatments, so you can finally enjoy the beauty of smooth, hair-free skin that lasts. Firstly laser hair removal is not permanent, especially when patients have hormonal imbalance. You can return to your daily schedule immediately after your treatment. Venus Concept is a leader in the global medical and aesthetic device market, pairing best-in-class technology with the first and only true subscription model in the industry. Find the non-surgical body treatment that’s right for you with these head-to-toe solutions. Be sure to gently clean the treated area twice a day and apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 before going outside; however, avoid excessive sun exposure. He/she would know best what treatment parameters are most appropriate to use for your skin type. Do I need to do anything after my treatment? It’s also ideal for treating multiple areas, like the bikini area and underarms. Each of our hair removal machines uses cutting edge technology to provide patients with a fast and comfortable experience that provides a long-lasting solution to their hair removal needs. Laser and intense pulsated light (IPL) devices provide a more permanent hair removal method with regular treatment. The laser hair removal treatment at Dr. Venus is an effective method to remove unwanted hair on the face and different parts of the body. Achieve faster hair removal treatments on large areas, like, , using the XL applicators with larger spot sizes, Deliver fast, comfortable treatments on sensitive areas, like the underarms, to permanently reduce hair growth over time, Optimal wavelength of 800 nm with high peak power of 2,400 W and fluence of up to 100 J/cm, Ergonomic applicator eliminates operator fatigue and is compatible with three changeable spot sizes, Integrated IOT technology for enhanced business operations and optimized results, Versatile with two modes of operation, PULSE and SLIDE, for individual patient needs, SmartPulse™ technology ensures precise and consistent energy delivery, Real-time cooling system for optimal patient safety and comfort, XL applicators with larger spot sizes for faster treatments, Combine with a range of other applicators to increase the types of treatments you can offer at your practice (supports up to 10 different applicators). 4. Braun Gillette Venus Silk-Expert IPL 5001 Intense Pulsed Light, 300,000 Flashes, Face & Body Hair Removal …

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